Our cloud based portal is the ultimate tool to provide you with real-time data and analytics. 
05 / Monitor Fraud

Ever had the issue with a double

payment? The App enables you to

qualify if this in fact has occurred in the case where a customer may claim it has! With real-time data you will always be in the know!

01 / Sales Management
02 / Track Your Refunds

See transactions and sales trends in real-time and at a glance average transactions and your general business performance.

Monitor your refunds as they occur. Identify trends that could be linked to issues with products or possible staff error.

04 / Multi-Outlet Management
03 / Cash Flow Management

Monitor the actual status of each and every transaction in real-time. This includes the ability to view which transactions have been settled to your account or are awaiting settlement. With this level of insight you truly have the ability to manage your cash-flow and your business growth.

Have more than one outlet or planning to open more? Never fear, the app is developed with expansion in mind for you as the business owner! Fully monitor your different locations in real-time.